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Itching to run.

Updated: May 10, 2023

Sitting around the house doing nothing really does wear thin very quickly for me.

Being told

Its still early days. Just rest and get well.

Is absolutly the right advise for a grown up logical thinking adult but I have never claimed to be grown up.

I look at my trail shoes everytime I go into my office and wonder how far could I run if I just put a pair on and went for it.

In reality, probably to the end of the street and back but I'm so close in my mind to trying.

A trip to the shops the other day was fine and I only fell asleep for an hour when I got back. If you look out of the back window of our home you can see the shop.

Fatigue is still a massive factor and I know I have to be sensible. Not having control of my right leg is of course the other thing I need to take into consideration.

It's not that I don't think I could run on it, it is knowing that if I turn my foot or twist my ankle, I probably wouldn't feel it and that's not a good idea.

But it will come in time. And I know full well that if I don't take the time to recover, I will only do myself a "mischief".

Nearly 5 weeks have slowly passed since surgery and finding things to keep myself busy is a job in its self. Looking at ways to grow my business and myself has been a nice challenge. Enrolling on a digital marketing course to teach myself new skills, Working on my website, planning new events, have all helped in so many ways. But in reality, all I want to do is go for a 🏃‍♂️.

It reminds me of the social media post that you see on running related groups, there is a guy in a hospital bed covered in bandages with the caption.

I can still run though, right?

I will be good. I promise 😉


So the next stage for me has begun.

Following a meeting with Dr Carr, My treatment and what that's going to look like has been explained.

6 weeks of Radiotherapy followed by 6 courses of chemotherapy over a 36 week period.

I don't really have much experience of people going through this kind of treatment and the side effects are only something I have seen from a distance when my Mum spent months in treatment for lung cancer before her death 7 years ago.

Living so far from her I didn't really see the day to day of her reaction to the treatment but on the occasion I did mange to visit, it was clearly quite shit and not something you would wish on your worst enemy but she was always positive and had an

Oh well

Attitude to it. She was always a very pragmatic person but clearly taken from us far to young.

Don't smoke kids. It's never a good outcome. 👍.

What will be interesting (to me at least) is to work out what I can and can't do while having the treatments. I've been told to expect tiredness and general feelings of MEH but I am going to start training leading up to and continue through treatment. I believe that fitness is key to giving yourself to best shot through any illness. So I think if you are able to, you should exercise all you can.

There is a lot of literature about the benifits of exercise. To me it just seems like common sence.

Tomorrow is my first day in the gym for a while and although I'm a little nervous I am also very excited.

Nothing too strenuous to start with. Treadmill work and elliptical just to see where my loss of sensation leaves me running wise and some upper body weight training. 💪 it can only be a positive thing.

I will report how it goes.

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Sean O'Meara
Sean O'Meara



Sean O'Meara
Sean O'Meara

Hey Brother, I finally managed to get onto your blog! Your frustration is laid bare, and I understand it first hand. The benefit you have is a positive mind set and a beautiful family to really drive that passion for recovery. I have no doubt in my mind that you'll smash this little twat out of the park, It's just gonna take some time, but then you always did like a long race!!! If the digital marketing is a thing you enjoy then I'll give you admin rights on my facebook business page and website lol.

I Love You Mark.

Now Crack On!!!!

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