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Biopsy and boredom.

3 weeks in and bored beyond words.

Don't get me wrong. I am as grateful as I ever could be but my god I'm bored. I refuse to put the TV on in the day as I think daytime television would finish me off.

I try to read but have only read maybe a handful of books my whole life. Just not my thing.

I think alot. That's for sure. Not negative thoughts but thoughts of what's next. 🤔

Having already being told I won't get my HGV license back, it is time to look for a new career. Quite a daunting thought at 47 years old.

Can I make my events company support my family and I. (Probs yes)

Can I retrain and look for a new direction.?


So I had been waiting for the results of the biopsy and on Wednesday I got the call.

Stage 2 low level glioma.

It's not going to kill me anytime soon which is great news of course.

Further treatment is needed for what they couldn't remove in surgery, whether that's Chemo or Radiotherapy is yet to be decided. Then MRI scans and treatment as and when I need it for the rest of my many days.

And that's OK with me.

One thing I have learnt in the last 7 months is.

Don't stress about things you can not control.

I'm not going to lie and say I've not had a few down days but, generally my mind is in a good place.

My thoughts have mostly been about how I get back to running.

My deferal was confirmed for the Wildhorse200 south Wales which is scheduled for May 2024. That gives me a year to figure out how I run and what that's going to mean.

It's going to be a slow journey but one I'm going to enjoy.

Since the operation I have lost sensation in my right side and although I've been reasured it will return, there has been no improvement so far.

I read an article today about technical running and how quick, short steps are the best way to avoid injury.

I chuckled a bit to myself while reading it as this is my kind of running but, tried to imagine myself doing it now.

I'm fine if I walk slowly in a straight line but turning a corner gets a bit confusing. So running down a technical trail seems a million miles away. But certainly not out of the question.

You see these veterans who have lost limbs in combat zones and then go and compete in the paraolympics or smash the London marathon and so many more incredible feats and all I have is a numb leg.

It's all about adapting and overcoming. And thats where my focus is.

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